11 Sep 2011

Alice Nine Profile

About Alice Nine
alice nine. (
アリス九號。) is an independent Japanese Visual Kei band, which consists of five members: Shou as vocalist, Hiroto and Tora on guitars, Saga on bass, and Nao on drums. They are signed to an independent record label, PS Company.

alice nine. was formed by Nao, the drummer, in April 2004. Their first concert was held at Ikebukuro Cyber in May 11, 2004. After a few concerts, they started small touring with other bands such as Ayabie, Karen, Kagrra,, Kra, and BIS. They completed their first solo (one-man) tour between August 8 and August 31, 2005. Their third solo tour will hit 14 stops across Japan in August of 2006.

Name: Shou (Kohara Kazamasa)
Part: Vocal
Birth date: 5th July 1981
Weight: 58 kg
Height: 177 cm
Blood type: O
Foot size: actual size is 26 but usually wear 27
Fragrance: BVLGARI black
Personality: likes playing with everyone's hair, Harasses Saga to relieves stress, Would sleep the day before the world ended, Wishes to never get dizzy no matter how much he head bangs, his favorite subject in school used to be Japanese. His least favorite was Math, not a big fan of dogs or soccer, moved to Tokyo when he was 1 year old, the first instrument he ever played was guitar.Likes: TV Game, shop for second hand clothing and coffee
Dislikes: Cucumber. Girls who make up at train
Strong Point: long part
Weak Point: Short part
Favorite manga: Nana, 20th Century, Berserk
Favorite brand store: DIET BUTCHER SLIM SKIN, AUNDER COVER, A And A, Vivienne Westwood
Favorite music: LUNASEA/KORN/Atari Teenage Riot/The Used/MUSE
Other Information: literally means commander, general, leader,can't hold his liquor to save his life, Shou also almost got into a wreck in a taxi. And he laughed about it, used to be in a band called Givuss with Tora (), rumored to have the same vocal coach as Miku (AN CAFE) and knows him, has gotten phone pranked by Keiyuu of Kra last year, Went to a My Chemical Romance concert with SID's bassist, Aki. Was really freaked out on the set for their Ruri no Ame pv, friends with Ayabie's Ryouhei.
Future Enthusiasm: Want to be the effective artist in nice way to the fans. I’ll work hard for that.
Boom: Going to take a walk

Name: Hiroto (Ogata Hiroto)
Birth date: 4th May 1985
Part: Guitar
Weight: 51 kg
Height: 167 cm
Blood type: O
Foot size: 26
Fragrance: None
Personality: Hiroto is quite hyper active for his age and loves to have fun. He is a ball of fun and smiles and always treats their practices like he was actually on stage playing a live.
Likes: Photography, playing Guitar, the stars, being friends, his dog Mogu etc.
Dislikes: Radishes, teachers who don't care about their students, etc.
Strong point: Never lie, easily get hot
Weak point: Never lie, easily get hot
Favorite manga: Dragon Ballz
Favorite music: post rock, something HOT
Background: Hiroto has loving parents who support him in anything he has ever done. He has a fascination with the stars and even wrote a song about them. Hiroto has a very close brother-like relationship with Tora. He once heard a teacher in High School say that he didn't care about his students and it made Hiroto extremely sad.
Information: He has very low alcohol tolerance and therefore can't drink a lot of it. He has a small Pomeranian dog named Mogu that he treats like his little baby. Hiroto also likes carrying Mogu in a special bag that he has. In the session band Karasu.
Boom: skateboard, collecting shoes

Name: Tora (Amano Shinji)
Birth date: 17th September 1980
Part: Guitar
Weight: 70 kg
Height: 182 cm
Blood type: O
Foot size: 26
Fragrance: Burberry
Personality: Although he's normally to himself, he can be carefree and giggly person when around his friends. He always assuming he has a manly image he has to uphold. Tora is quite reserved when it comes to his body and does things his own way, often referring to himself as a lone wolf.
Likes: Korn, playing Guitar, being with the band, video games, browsing the internet, etc.
Dislikes: Blogging (due to being reserved), Shou being protected on Nico Nico, etc.
Strong Point: Is secret
Weak point: is secret
Favorite manga: Kyo Kare Ore wa
favorite brand store: GUCCI
favorite music: korn
Background: Coming from a very strict family who didn't like the idea of him being in a band, Tora is a reserved person and much to himself. When he asked his parents if he could buy a guitar, his parents told him he could buy and acoustic guitar. He came home the next day with an electric guitar. He also knows how to play the Piano and plays it in some of their songs. He has a cat named Chickin and finds him cute. Tora has a thing for cats and always loved watching shows with cats in them when he was kid.
Other Information: He used to have a piercing in the middle of his lip at the beginning of Alice Nine, but took it out shortly after the band formed. He also used to have his eyebrow pierced too.
Boom: 長州小力(cho-shu-koriki)

Name: Saga (Sakamoto Takashi)
Part: Bass
Birth date: 24th June 1982
Weight: 55 kg
Height: 175 cm
Blood type: AB
Foot size: 27
Fragrance: DOLCE & GABBANA
Character Personality: Normally quite a reserved person who has problems with self esteem, he finds comfort in his band mates and enjoys reading the mail he gets from his fans. He has a deep attachment towards his dog, Chiko, who he's had since he was a student.
Likes: Hanging out with Nao, Gundam, Video Games, play Bass etc.
Dislikes: Being called Saga-SAMA, He's not fond of how he looks very much, etc.
Strong point: bearable on pain, very patient
Weak Point: My weirdness
Favorite manga: Doraemon
favorite music: UNDERWORLD/and the music with a hot
Background: He came from a loving and warm family and always said his hero was always his father. The first thing he learned how to play was the guitar. When he was in High School he got a dog who his grandmother started randomly calling Chiko. It took the dog a while to get used to it, but after awhile, adjusted to the name and starting answering to it. Saga is attached to Chiko and loves him a lot. He was previously in the bands Vall'na racill, Visage, and Delta Ark.
Information: He used to have the right side of his lip pierced but removed it somewhere after the NUMBER SIX era. Saga also likes engaging in challenges with Nao, like who knows more about Gundam. He gave Nao the nickname Pooh Bear because he said he looks like Winnie the Pooh when he sleeps.
Boom: Clothing

Character Name: Nao (Murai Naoyuki)
Part: Drum
Birth date: 31st July 1980
Weight: 57 kgHeight: 170 cm
Blood type: A
Foot size: 26
Personality: Fun loving and always happy. Nao keeps the smiles on everyone's faces with his jokes and over all bubbly personality.
Likes: Hikikomori time, Starbucks, Gundam, Video Games, Manga, Soccer, Baseball etc.
Dislikes: Fish (though it's more of a hate than dislike), lizards, tofu etc.
Strong point: my strong point could be my weak point
Weak point: and those my weak point could be my strong point
Favorite manga: 3x3 eye
favorite music: alternative music
Background: Nao is a fun loving kind of guy. He's almost never in a bad mood. And he's hardly ever sad. He keeps the spirits of everyone high. He came from a good family who always had loved and supported him very much. He played the drums (originally) for the band Fatima, though leaving shortly after joining to go to a band called RusH, where he played Bass. He was the one who brought Alice Nine together and has been with them ever since.

Other Information: Nao is best friends with Saga and they often hang out a lot. He's also slightly scared of Tora after a certain incident involving an Ice Cream he'd been holding for Saga during the filming of the NUMBER SIX movie. He also likes to challenge who knows more about Gundam, him or Saga.
Boom: Onii-kei (mature looking)