14 Mei 2012

L'Arc~en~ciel in Jakarta

Wah telat banget nih posting ini nya, tpi gak pa2 dech. 
Abis pengen ketawa trus kalau baca bagian para personil ngomong pakek bahasa Indonesia....
On May 2nd, L'Arc~en~Ciel held a concert at Lapangan D Senayan in Jakarta, Indonesia. The band chose to perform at an outdoor venue for their stop in Jakarta for their World tour. At the press conference the day before the concert, they explained that it is hard to hold outdoor concerts nowadays. In Japan, all concerts are indoors, so this time they wanted to feel the open air as they performed.
The concert started at 8PM. Rain drops didn't drop the spirit of fans who had been waiting since early morning. The concert opened with "Ibara no Namida" with amazing VCR playing and interesting lighting.
During a break, Hyde tried to interact with fans in Bahasa Indonesian using a written note. "Hallo Jakarta, kami L'Arc en Ciel!" (Hello Jakarta, we're L'arc en Ciel!), Hyde greeted the excited audience. "Kalian senang bertemu aku? Aku juga!" (Are you happy to see me? Me too!). The crowd erupted into cheers in response. "Oh, Jakarta.. HONEY!" With that, "Honey" was played as fans all sang along together.
Before "Seventh Heaven" was performed, Ken took out a note and suddenly spoke in Indonesian slang. "MANTAPPPP!!!" (AWESOME!!). "MAN MAN??" Ken cheered, and fans replied, "Tap Tap!!". Then he read, "Kemarin gue pergi ke kota tua untuk foto-foto, foto-fotonya keren loh! Tapi Jakarta tuh panas yah! Gue jadi pengen berenang biar ketemu sama cewek bikini. Disini ada cewek pake bikini ga?" (Yesterday, I went to old town to take photos, the photos are cool! But Jakarta is very hot! I want to swim so I can meet girls in bikini. ARe any girl in here wearing a bikini?) He gave a short pause before continuing, "Tapi emang dasar nasib, yang ada cuman temen gue. Anyway, Busway, gue juga pergi beli oleh-oleh untuk Hyde ke Pasaraya. Gue beli wayang, gamelan, pulpen wayang. Pasti si Hyde gag tau gue lagi ngomong apa!" (But, what a fate, there are only my friends in here. Anyway, Busway, I also went to buy souvenirs for Hyde at Pasaraya. I bought a shadow puppet, gamelan and a shadow puppet pen. And Hyde doesn't know what I'm talking about!) This caused laughter, increasing people's enjoyment of concert. Ken handed the souvenirs to Hyde, which were shadow puppet, bamboo flute, and small gamelan. Hyde tried to play the bamboo flute but became frustrated trying since he didn't know how to use it.
Yukihiro, L'arc~en~Ciel's drummer, ended "READY STEADY GO", with his solo playing that made fans kept rocking the field before the break.
The most emotional moment was when "Anata" started to playing. Rain began to drizzle but no one seem to care as the lyrics of the song appeared on screen for people to sing along to. L'arc~en~Ciel appeared in the middle of the song and joined fans in singing the song till the end. Magically, when the song was over, the rain also stopped. What a beautiful moment!
Tetsu took over the stage not long after that, telling the crowd, "Gue Suju dari Korea! Oops!" (I'm Suju from Korea! Oops!). Some fans did protest to his shout out, although they knew he was only joking. But then he took out a banana and lollipop and asked, "Kamu mau pisang saya atau jilat lolipop saya?" (Do you want my banana or lick my lollipop?). Fans scream and laughed in response to the suggestive question. He threw the banana and lollipop to the audience and played "The Fourth Avenue Cafe". Many fans seemed to be surprised to hear this song played, probably not expecting it to be on the song list.
Hyde made a promise after singing "LINK". "Kamu senang? Aku juga! KAMI KEMBALI LAGI KE INDONESIA! Terima kasih!" (Are you happy? Me too! We will be back to Indonesia! Thank you!). Afterward, "NIJI" ended the fantastic concert L'arc~en~Ciel held.

_ L'Arc~en~ciel aku tunggu kedatanganmu lagi ;D (meskipun gak bisa liat :<)