19 Agt 2012

Alice Nine Swtiches To New Label NAYUTAWAVE RECORDS

Alice Nine Swtiches To New Label NAYUTAWAVE RECORDS 
     Wah... Alice Nine ganti lebel nich>>>
      moga-moga aja jadi tambah sukses+ditunggu juga kedatangannya di INDONESIA.
Alice Nine has switched labels, transferring from Tokuma Japan Communications to NAYUTAWAVE RECORDS.
The announcement was made during the first night of the band's tour "Alice Nine Live Tour 2012 Court of '9' #2".
In addition to switching labels, Alice Nine informed fans that they will be holding a special countdown live performance on December 31st at Yoyogi National Stadium Second Gymnasium to bring in the new year.
"We want to enjoy an even better view together with all our fans," vocalist Shou told the crowd.
Tickets for the countdown live will go on sale October 27th.