15 Feb 2015

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hello! enjoy my first Fanfiction and first chapter or I can call it characters introduction:
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I've loved her since childhood

I do not love her as a sister or cousin

I love her as a woman

Makoto P.O.V

I just staring at my ceiling and suddenly Shoko face flying on my mind. Why I always think about her ? why Shoko always on my mind ?

she is 5 years older than me and she is my cousin, I know this is just unrequited love and I will never make her mine.

If I tried to remove this feeling, I will always love her more. What should I do ?
Suddenly I heard mom yelling from downstairs " Makoto wake up honey !!"
"Alright... I already wake up mom" I jumped up from my bed

"here Honey eat your breakfast" Mom put a plate of Pancake in front of me.
"guess what onii-chan.. Sho - Mmpphh.." before Ren can continue his sentences Ran covers his mouth
"Why you !!??" Ren protest
"sshh.. shut up Ren, it is secret don't tell onii-chan!" Ran explains while still covers  Ren mouth
"eh..nani? what is it about ???" I confused look at my twins sibling
"enough Kids finished you eat first" said father 
I really don't understand what my twins sibling means, it's make me curious.
"oh.. Makoto after school just straight to go home, we've something surprise" says Mom and winks at me..
I just sweatdrop, why my whole family really weird this morning?? they keep saying that I don't understand.
"okay, Mom-Dad I think it's time for me to go to school" I excused and move from my sit 
"bye, Onii-chan!!" 
"huft... " I sigh while out of my house and then I look at my orange watch "woah.. I almost late" I run towards Haru house.

Shoko P.O.V
 I never thought looking fo a job is so difficult and Iwatobi High School is my last hope or maybe this is my fate to be Iwatobi High School member again, now as teacher.
This is not my first time in Iwatobi, I ever lived and studied at Iwatobi High School before I moved to Kusahara and while I'm here I will live with my aunt and her family, Tachibana family. Since childhood I have great relationship with her family especially with the elder Tachibana son, Makoto. I treat him like my own brother.
now I stand in front of Iwatobi High School, it is still the same when I studied here with just a little changes.
"Haru - chan ! Makoto - chan !" the sound of high pitch screaming from  behind,
 wait I think I know who voice is it? It is Nagisa voice right? and I know who Nagisa screaming at, they must be Haruka Nanase and my beloved cousin Makoto Tachibana, They always together since elementary school and the same swim club.
I look at my back and my suspicion was right, they are the cheerfull Nagisa, the Free styler Haruka as usual and ... The Mature Makoto, I just can't believe my kawaii little Makoto grown up now.. T_T *fake cry.
"ano.. sumimasen, are you Shoko Masuno - san? the principle have been waiting for you so he send me to find you" come a voice interrupted my thought
"ye- yes i'm, sorry I just remebering this school from the past" how fool I'm almost late for my first job interview -_-
"ha.. ha.. so you used to be study in here? now come with me I will guide you to principle office!" said the young teacher and told me to follow him.
previous events with Makoto, 3rd person P.O.V
Makoto and Haru were walking towards their school
"I can't believe it, we're 3rd grade now and already a year we form the swimming club right Haru-chan?"
"How many times I told you remove the -Chan Makoto" Haru glared at Makoto
"hai.. hai.. Haru I'm sorry.. he.. he.."
" Haru - chan ! Makoto - chan ! high-pitch voice yelling from far and came closer to Makoto and Haru in front of school gate
"Nagisa?!" called both Haru and Makoto
"Congratulations you're 3rd grade now, Haru - chan Makoto - chan!" Said Nagisa cheerfully
"hn.. nothing special about it Nagisa, I'm going first Makoto, Nagisa" Haru cold comments and then left them behind 
"eh.. chotto matte Haru!" Said Makoto tried to hold Haru
"Haru is so moody today, right Makoto - chan?"
"yeah, I think so maybe it is because of this morning he was not have a much times to soak in his tub"
Makoto P.O.V
I and Haru walked out from school gate and straight to go home, today we don't have club activity because of the weather is still too cold for swimming and also our other members are busy with their own business, Nagisa must have an extra lesson because of his poor grades, Rei helps Nagisa as his tutor and Gou (Kou) go shopping with her friends, so just me and Haru are left behind.
actually I felt sorry for Haru, I know he really wants to swim but with this weather we can't swimming without catch a cold.
suddenly my phone vibrates "drrt.. drrt"
"ah.. who is it?" I shocked then take my phone from my pocket
"just check it, maybe it's something important" Haru told me 
I checked my phone and it turns out my mom texted me. it says " Hurry home.. someone special had already come^-^"
"nani..??" this message really makes me surprised even confusing me
"what is it? you look shocked?" Haru sounded worried because of my suddenly surprised expression
"eto.. nothing Haru, it's just my Mom message. well I think I must hurry home.. he.. he.. good bye Haru.. Ja ne" I rushed left Haru with his puzzled expression
while running I keep wondering who is the someone special?
Previous events with Shoko, Shoko P.O.V
finally I arrive in front of my aunt house after have a long day interview at Iwatobi High school. BTW her house is not much change,while looking at the small garden I remember I and Makoto used to be play in this garden with his cats, I really miss those times and unconsciously my tears dripping slightly. 
"ding..dong.." I pushed the bell
and few minute after that yelled a voice from inside the house "I'm coming!"
"oh.. my gosh.. is it you Shoko-chan long time no see honey, I have been waiting for you. come in honey" my aunt open the door and she look really happy to see me.
when I enter her house the atmosphere is still the same as before, a family atmosphere which was so thick.
"so how's life? do you want some tea?"
she walked towards kitchen to make some cup of tea 
"so far so good, yes please" 
"ehm.. aunt.. there used to be a small shelf with koi fish aquarium on top of it right? I asked, pointing in the direction of the shelf not far from the entrance
"you right, so still remember it? she replied as she came out of the kitchen carrying a tray of two cup of tea
"yes.. but poor the koi is already died  and it's makes Makoto really sad" I said and then take a sip of tea
"and you're the one who comfort him, oh..I almost forgot I already texted Makoto so he must coming home in  a few minute"
"actually, I already saw him this morning with his friends. he looks mature now" I said
"yeah.. my son already grown up but he's still afraid of the dark" she chuckled 
"btw.. where's Ran and Ren?" I asked
"o.. they go shopping with their father"

Makoto P.O.V
"Achoo.." I sneezing, someone must have been talking about me and I hope it was not my mom -_-
"hosh..hosh.." just a few more blok I will arrive at my house but why suddely I feel so nervous, it nothing terrible gonna happen right? as usually I always paranoid. 
just e few minute when I'm about to open the door my heart beat really fast, kami-sama what's feeling is it. 
then when I open the door, suddenly "Okaeri... Mako-chan" a soft voice greeted me, the voices of someone that I always remember and love.
"Ta-tada-ima" I'm so nervous until speechless, Shoko-chan standing in front of me now. she looks mature and beautiful as usual.
"you know I really miss you my beloved Mako-chan" she said with suddenly hugs, its make me more nervous and trembling, also heat me up until my face red like tomato
"Hey.. Onii-chan why you look so red?" Ren mocked me
"are you blushing Makoto?? aww.. so Kawaii Mako - chan" Shoko giggled as she pinched my cheeks
"Urusai.. of course I'm not" I said that but my face still red, This is very embarrassing.

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